FNM Capital Funding has built a strong team of experts and consultants dedicated to a long-term vision and passion to succeed.   Growing out of the commercial lending marketplace, FNM Capital Funding has become one of the premier venture capital firms in New York.  None of this would have been possible without the experience, knowledge, and professionalism of the FNM team; FNM Capital Funding is truly a sum of its parts.


Mr. Fatos Mucha, Founder and CEO

FNM Capital Funding built through the vision of Founder and CEO, Fatos Mucha, a creative and seasoned business leader with a background in finance and banking with organizations such as MetLife, Merrill Lynch, and Staten Island Bank & Trust.  He has carried his leadership ability and business acumen to FNM Capital Funding, where he has originated over a billion dollars in loans.  Fatos Mucha is a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist and fully licensed in banking and investments.

Today, he has also embraced an ability to uncover start-up organizations, which are either distressed or in need of funding, and transform these ground-level opportunities into multi-million dollar corporations with high potential.


Ms. Nausika Ahmeti, CFO and Co-Founder

Nausika Ahmeti’s primary focus is FNM Capital’s financial-related issues and investor relationships. She holds a Masters of Science degree and, prior to establishing FNM, she worked for Bloomberg LLP, within the equity/debt financing division, where her obligations included: analyzing and evaluating mortgage backed securities (MBS), bond features, and fixed income portfolios.


Mr. Shiko Ohana, CIO

Mr. Ohana has been a partner with FNM Capital Funding for over 10 years and currently operates as the firm’s Chief Information Officer (CIO). Mr. Ohana is highly regarded throughout the industry as someone who successfully combines leading edge marketing technology with product platforms that are “set to sell.”

As Founder of Reputation Line, he brings together highly unique and innovative marketing concepts with digital technology processes that result in proven growth trajectories for premium brands across several industries. Mr. Ohana offers international experience, a highly creative mindset and a proven track record when it comes to successfully launching and building new business ventures.


Mr. Jeffrey Baum, CPA

Jeffrey Baum focuses on FNM Capital’s portfolio management, accounting policies and procedures, and financial and tax advising.  In addition, he handles the financial reporting and preparation of the Fund’s financial statements in conjunction with all investors within the Fund.  Mr. Baum has been a practicing Certified Public Accountant for more than 30 years.

He is also the Founder and Owner of Aurbach, Scura, Cohen & Baum LLC, a reputable public accounting firm with offices in New York and New Jersey.


Mr. Nathan Pinkhasov, Esq.

Mr. Nathan Pinkhasov is a real estate lawyer and provides legal advice on all of FNM Capital’s our real estate ventures.  He conducts due diligence on properties, reviews titles, prepares all closing documents, and performs FNM Capital’s real estate closings.



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