MediaMorph, a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) provider that assists media companies with the monitoring and management of their digital businesses across various platforms, was introduced to Fatos Mucha and the team at FNM Capital Funding as a venture seeking financing in order to better position the company as an attractive provider to major media outlets. After meeting with Michael Sid, CEO and President of MediaMorph, the FNM saw the potential in the platform, and together with Meyers Associates and Smedvig Capital, amongst others, they brought together investors to provide funding for growth.

MediaMorph’s product can be broken down into four modules: (1) mm:License which stores all contract details, (2) mm:Syndicate which is a master delivery schedule of assets, (3) mm:Track which generates customized reports based on distribution partners’ data, and (4) mm:Royalty which creates an audit trail for royalties and billing. peta dunia satelit domain discovery . MediaMorph integrates with other content management and ad management systems which would provide the underlying data. Today, MediaMorph boasts a lucrative customer base, which includes major media companies such as E!/G4/Style Networks, HBO, Sony Pictures, Lionsgate, Bloomberg, Disney, and Warner Bros.


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