Founded in 1999, ChromaDex Corporation (CDXC) supplies a range of products necessary to conduct quality control of raw materials and consumer products, specifically for the dietary supplement, food and beverage (specifically soft drinks), pharmaceutical, and cosmetic markets.

In 2008, Fatos Mucha and the team at FNM Capital Funding met with investors at CDXC, along with CEO and President of CDXC, Frank Jaksch, to discuss how ChromaDex® can attract potential investment capital.  CDXC was distressed; the principals of the business had largely funded the initial venture; however, notable growth in a rather weak economy gave the company an additional breath of life.  Fatos Mucha and the team FNM Capital Funding liked the long-term outlook for CDXC and decided to invest.  Recently, FNM Capital Funding sold its interest in the CDXC, generating 7 times its initial investment.


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