FNM Capital Funding has established a reputation as a forward-looking venture capital and commercial real estate investment firm, transforming great ideas and promising assets into revenue-generating business enterprises and lucrative commercial properties. Founded by Fatos Mucha, a visionary and creative business leader with a background in finance and banking with organizations such as MetLife and Merrill Lynch, FNM Capital Funding has built a strong team of experts and consultants dedicated to a long-term vision and passion to succeed. Concentrated in technology, biotech, and pharmaceutical start-up firms, FNM Capital Funding has taken small endeavors, which were deemed uncertain or weak, and turned them into established businesses with incredible growth opportunities. Do you want to be the face of the next idea that changes the world?

FNM Capital Funding believes in relationship-building, providing each of our clients, investors, and partners with the expertise they will need to create a successful venture or rewarding investment opportunity. The strength of our firm is not only in the power of our trusted and flourishing relationships with angel investors, financial institutions, and partners, but in our ability to understand and thoroughly evaluate the intricacies of every deal in detail. With each investment or lending deal, our consultants access a vast amount of research and information, ensuring that each deal meets specific objectives and maximizes returns. Our strict discipline has led to our own success and holds great value to clients desiring assurances in prospective opportunities.


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